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Originally Posted by detroitm2 View Post
Hey All, Looking for opinions on a downpipe. I am looking for a catted downpipe that isn't going to add a shitload of extra noise (rasp, etc) to my exhaust note. I currently have an MPE, and love the sound of it. However, I am installing some parts this winter and jumping up to a stage 2 (FBO) setup.

What downpipes are out there with 300 cell cats that are under $1000? I see the HJS ones mentioned a bit (I believe this is what Fabspeed uses, along with a few others), but the 300 cells are pushing closer to $1500 or so.

Not TOO concerned about getting a CEL, as I already run BM3 and will be able to clear it anyways.

If you're only concerned about the noise, just find the cheapest catted DP you can, I'd say. People only care about getting a HJS cat in order to avoid getting a CEL. That's why they pay the premium for something like a FabSpeed.