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Great thead!

I quite enjoy wine, and started my journey around age six when I began the hobby of wine making with my father and grandfather. Over the many many years of tasting and learning, Ive developed a certain palate and like what I like, and its good wine that I like!!!
What that means Ill leave to you but wine is a passion and I acknowledge that upfront!

So I have a 48bottle dual zone cooler for my collection/higher end bottles and store the table wines in a dark cool basement.

I enjoy Italian wines alot, both reds and whites. Chianti, Barolo, Brunello, Vino Noble, Montelpuciano di Abruzzo, Tuscano, Nero d’avolo, Orveto, and Insolia to name a few off the top of my head 😁 so many brands to list, just need to find your price point and enjoy!!

French wines I enjoy with friends but dont collect, though a Pommard would be my choice if not for the one and only....gasp..California wines (j/k youre good californians!!)

California, Sonoma in particular, has won my heart, (and my wallet!!!!!!)

While I dont mind Cabs at all, whether Stags Leap, or Turley or Caymus, I can enjoy them all night long, it would not be my first or second choice.
In second place, would be a lovely Zinfandel. Turley would be a lovely choice and has some great offerings if you can find them. My go to vineyard also make an exquisite Zin and I always get a few bottles when I order.
Which leads us to the hands down best wine, to my palate, from the arguably finest producer of such wines, in the world.
The one and only Pinot Noir grape (yes i know there are many many types just kiddn)
And from the one and only, Williams Selyem.

There is No other once you experience their offerings, from light to med to full bodied, all unfiltered small batches from arguable the best place in the world to grow the Pinot, in Sonoma by the Russian River Valley. Truly a life changing experience in many ways! I found them thru a somilier recommendation and it was the best advice on wine i ever got.

So, if youre interested, there are a few ways u can find their offerings. They do not sell retail so your local store wont legally carry them.....Firstly, high end restaurants with extensive cellars often carry them. Recently, Total wines has made some deal to carry a few bottles in select stores.
Their primary distribution is direct to their list customers. I joined about 20 years ago, it takes a year to establish and then you can start purchasing against your defined allocation which is initially low so you need to build it up through consistant purchases of your full allocation in the 2 annual releases(spring and fall and different types for each) and to stay on the list you just need to buy one bottle per year.

To read up, check out their reviews on WE, they are always 90+, often 94-95 and high as 98-99s, truly special wine, imo.

They also make amazing Zinfandel and Chardonnay, and in the summer they make an amazing Vin Gris di Pinot Noir, but its all about the sonoma and russian river valley Pinot Noirs.

I need a drink now!!!!! 🍷🍷