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Originally Posted by kepler View Post
I think most of us (if not all of us) agree the M2 CS price should be somewhere in the mid-70s, high-70s at most. But the idea pushed by some that because a car draws from the parts bin that it's necessarily inferior or less valuable is hogwash. It's not like the M2 CS is just a parts bin Frankenstein, it presents a thoughtful evolution of the already successful M2.
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That's a recurrent point of criticism about the M2 CS: BMW smashing its own windows with the greedy M2 CS price positioning. If BMW would position the M2 CS base price at 75K-80K (instead of 95K and more), it would be better received and generate more sales. Now BMW gets negative feedback. And 'limited edition' is just a marketing 101 trick for a money-grab that they forgot to apply with M4 CS and M3 CS sales.

The fact that BMW is still not disclosing the M2 CS price for the US, even at official presentation: as if BMW does not want to rain on its own parade.

During the closed room preview event of Sep 17, BMW announced a 91K base price (taxes included) for Belgium. On Nov 6 (less than 2 months later) base price was 96.5K (5.5K extra). Frankly speaking, IMHO BMW greedily biting the hand that feeds it, does not reflect client care.
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