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There's never been a comparable situation? Think about that. In itself it speaks volumes.

Of course we've seen Tesla actually has follow through with buyers.

Then again, Tesla sold more vehicles in Q3 than BMW in USA, so only a "moron" would ignore them.
Again wrong. Tesla sold 50,000ish in the USA while bmw sold 70,000ish.tesla sold 97,000 units GLOBALLY in Q3. BMW sold 70k in the USA in Q3. Only a "moron" would try and use these number to support Tesla. So I will say it again. Go elsewhere with the Tesla garb.
Elon envy has you all worked up.

First you start talking about a BMW 3 series and 1 model of a Tesla. Now you want to compare BMW's 17 models built from a 100 year heritage to the fleet of a 10 year startup.

Of course you ignored your incorrect facts that BMW Deposits are refundable and not several million, not a million, not a hundred thousand, not even 10,000 put down a deposit as you stated.

One car Company is creating excitement.

The other is giving Consumers big grills.