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Originally Posted by SafariEdition View Post
I would HIGHLY recommend trying it with all the nannies off next time. Track wise, I noticed even in sport+ or traction or any other mode that the traction control kept interfering with the car, especially on corner was stopping the diff from doing the magic that it does. Turned everything off, and dropped over 2 seconds in time. I typically NEVER drive with any of the nannies on in any of my previous cars ive tracked or autocrossed nationally...but wanted to test it myself to see what it would do.

Turn it may find yourself swapping ends a few times until you get more comfortable with how the car handles, but once you learn the car, it REALLY rewards you by letting the diff work its magic, and by letting you rotate on entry and on exit and put more power down.

The traction control *was* off. My point is, that combined with Sport+ on the throttle is a handful on low-grip surfaces.