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Originally Posted by ROASTM View Post
Sorry to hi-jack OP's thread, but figured I'd post my ED timeline thus far as well:

10/1 - Picked up car at Welt
10/9 - Dropped off car at Log-In-Out/BLG Logistics at Munich Airport
10/16 - Car scheduled to be put on RCC Europe and scheduled to leave Bremerhaven on this day
10/28 - Current estimated arrival date at Baltimore Port for customs and BMW's VDC

Will edit with updates as they become available.

Anyone else's cars on the RCC Europe for this trip across the Atlantic?

I am so jealous of your estimated timeline. Mine was more like

9/10 - Pick up at Welt
9/13 - Drop off at Zurich drop location
9/17 - Car taken to Bremerhaven
10/7 - Estimated to board the Olympian Highway and depart Bremerhaven
10/16 - Olympian Highway departs Bremerhaven
10/25 - Estimated arrival in Brunswick after 17 days at sea.
11/2 - Most likely when Olympian Highway will make it to Brunswick