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Originally Posted by m2engpf View Post
I'm developing a turbo boost gauge for BMW M cars. This is still a prototype so not ready for release, but here is a teaser very short Youtube video here

The best feature I think is it has a peak hold function that holds the peak boost value for about 3 seconds, so you can keep your eyes on the road, floor the throttle, let boost build, back off, then look at the yellow peak value. After 2 seconds it resets back to real time manifold pressure values. Vacuum is red, boost is green, peak is yellow. The previous six peak values are displayed on the top right hand side in a text box, and also written to a text file.

Oil and coolant temp are shown on top left.

As you'll see in the video, this is being displayed on the OEM centre display, but I also have an option of a stand alone 4" or 5" display that would mount on the dash or windshield.

Would anyone on here be interested in something like this?
Very interested I'd love to beta test it for you.