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I have yet to remove the front license plate, is it true there is a potential for front bumper paint damage?
I've read a couple of posts that said the 3M double sided tape used on the front bumper to attach the front plate is quite strong. A couple of people responded that paint did come off....not sure if it was at the hand of a dealer/VPC or their own.

I have no personal experience with anything like the this other than de-badging my E61 which caused no paint damage.
Use a heat gun or blow dryer (not with a steady heat but with a back and forth motion) to warm up the adhesive and it comes right off with no damage.
I finally removed the front ED plate. Used a heat gun. It did help but WD40 was more effective. It really softened up the adhesive tape. It came off easily, especially all that leftover goo.