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Originally Posted by pz619 View Post
Do you own stock in SMG/DCT transmissions? Never seen anyone so passionately defend the SMG.

The reality is that you can have all of the upside with virtually no downside with the ZF. I'm a 6MT guy so in the end I don't really care, but I had to live with a SMG in a E46 M3 for a while and I firmly believe that this transmission is pure garbage. BMW themselves has said that they were able to get the ZF to shift just as fast and has the added plus of being lighter than the DCT it replaces. So if the performance is better AND you can get some level of refinement and comfort, no need for the single or dual clutch autos.
Yeah, I mean, there is no way any shift coming out of an SMG box is smoother than a ZF8. Maybe if the ZF8 is cold and it's -20 outside.

I could see someone prefer it, though. Just like some people prefer the artificial jerk put in the higher DCT modes on the F8x.