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Originally Posted by doug_999 View Post
The fact is, the times are not statistically significant. It wouldn't matter if the M3 came out ahead, at .02 seconds, it is not statistically significant period - and yes, just like a time on the ring that is 1 second different - not statistically significant - although interestingly enough a 1 second difference on a 7 minute 30 second run on the ring is 8 times greater of a difference than a .02 second difference on a 2 minute run.

It seems you think I'm having a hard time with this because the M3 was .02 seconds behind - nothing could be further from the truth. As a former M2 owner, I know what a great car it is - as I pointed out earlier in the thread, a much shorter wheelbase coupled with a smaller gas tank can do wonders on a twisty course. Trust me, I'm not defending anything here - just pointing out, the numbers might as well all be equal. Would it help you understand this if I didn't own a M3?
It's obvious you're defending your M3C my friend, no worries. I understand, you don't want a cheaper, heavier(...) equipped with an OPF and downgraded S55(way less HP than M3C) and smaller tyresizes equipped M2C than M3C to win (even by this small margin) driven by the same driver.
So you're searching for excuses:
-too small track/unimportant track
-different circumstances
-laptime is almost equal

NS laptimes by Sportauto:
OG M2 did NS in less ideal circumstances (moist surface areas) vs M4.
M2C did it too in less ideal circumstances(too hot outside temps) vs M4.

But anyway enjoy your M3C my friend.

And a win is a win.(in bold)