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Originally Posted by dtmurf View Post
I totally understand your situation and I hope you got to pick up your car today!

My experience was similarly frustrating for a different reason which resulted in a two and a half month delay in getting my car. From my perspective, BMW Military Sales is a joke.

I'll save you the details but the highlights are that I ordered a US specification Long Beach Blue M2 through the 'main' BMW Military Sales dealer in Germany in Dec 16. I paid full MSRP plus the destination charge which is supposed to cover fright costs for transporting the car from the US port to the US the US! I paid 10% when I ordered it in Dec 16 and paid for it in full in March 17 for a mid April deliver at the Welt in Munich (destination charge?!?). I sold my daily driver, booked non-refundable flights, hotels etc., and eight (8) days before the delivery date, my service rep sends me the finally paperwork I would need to take delivery at the Welt...of a Mineral Gray M2.

They offered to perform my Break-In Service for free if I would take the MG car...FYI, the 1200 mile Break-In Service is free for everyone EXCEPT Military Sales customers outside the US.

I declined their offer and they (one of the largest BMW Dealers groups in Germany) was able to 'pull some strings' and get my LBB M2 rescheduled for production at the end of June. Work commitments meant I could not take delivery until the end of July so I owned the car 6 days before I had to make my 5th payment! Not to mention, I had to buy another car to get to work! The Dealer's mistake cost me about $5K and the sales manager wouldn't even return my phone calls or e-mails.

I called BMW NA but the 'Geniuses' don't know anything about the Military Sales program and keep confusing it with the USAA Military Sales program they support. I hope your Connected Drive features work, mine don't, and don't get me started on the navigation!

Bottom line, don't let the dealer's incompetence spoil the experience, drive your new M2 and enjoy it!
Eesh you definitely take the cake then. I ended up getting the car 14 days after it hit the port, which wasn't the end of the world but it definitely goes to show that once you've paid the car in full the dealer has zero incentive to deliver the car to you.

For my 1200 mile service I had an independent shop do it because BMW Korea is soooo caught up with the Diesel recalls that I couldn't get in until the end of the month. I didn't know that the break in service isn't free for MSP.

Additionally, ConnectedDrive is, well, not connected. I'm currently trying to figure out a solution, I think I may pay a guy at a BMW dealership under the table to connect it for me or at least flash the Korean system on there so I can use CarPlay (I really need the navigation) because just like you my navigation is also disconnected. Apparently dealers in Korea are forbidden from doing any coding on BMW's so they never want to do it but we'll see if I can get them to. Like I said I want to stop using my phone for maps and want it integrated... Once I get all that done I'll be good to go hahaha