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You have to consider that in Germany there are two public Easter holidays (Friday 30-Mar and Monday 02-Apr), taking two days out of a normal production week. The production date is pretty reliable and it means that it will roll off the line on 14-Apr in your case. My LBB M2 was finished last week on 20-Mar, I had been hoping it'll be on the boat by now, but only today (10 days later) the status updated to "transported to the port of exit" ... just to manage expectations. I had already been stalking the "Asian King" carrier, only to find out, my M2 hadn't even reached the port at the time the boat left. Super frustrating, want it to be here!! Maybe you feel better, knowing there are others waiting desperately for progress ... hoping to get on the boat tomorrow or the next one, which leaves 05-Apr. Good luck with yours!
it is super frustrating because it went into assembly on saturday, 3/24 and it's still listed as "in production" - at this rate it won't be here until end of may. everyone at the dealership was estimating early to mid may. 4/14 just doesn't sound right considering others had "production begins" and then "production ends" within nine days. mine has already been sitting with "production begins" since 3/19. i didn't think it would take almost a full month to build this car.
My car, which rolled off the line in Leipzig on 20-Mar-2018, I learned this morning that it arrives at the port in Bremerhaven only today, full two weeks later. So, this Easter holiday in Germany (some companies closed for 1-2 weeks) really seems to have increased lead times. I think that your dealer was also pretty optimistic with the timeline provided to you (and so was mine). There are two boats leaving Thursday/Friday this week and my M2 will better be on one of them! Again, good luck with yours, hope it gets at least after production moving faster than mine!