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Originally Posted by Shoof View Post
Awesome write up for day 1!

I have made every effort to try to register for the 2 day M School in Thermal. What sucks about it is the events overlap Saturday, and I can't drive on Saturday for religious reasons. The only other 2 day that isn't on a Saturday ends on the eve of a holiday, which I would need to be home for, so that's not happening, either. I was really looking forward to the two day school, but limited dates make it all but impossible for me to do. I have no choice but to use my voucher (for getting a BMW) with a 1 day school instead. Question is, do I go all the way to Thermal for a 1 day event (I've never been to CA before), or do I go to SC (I've been there once before, years ago, for a 6 series driving experience - it pretty much mirrored your first day's experience)? If I go to SC, I'll probably make it a 2-3 day trip. If SC, most likely 2 days max.
that is certainly an interesting conflict.... no racing on Saturday.

time for a new religion! Motorsports counts as new religion I am pretty positive.