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Originally Posted by akkando
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I was looking to have either an M2 or the CS by March/April of 2018... after the salt washes away.

-If i get the M2, I can have the car in March. I am going to look into replacing the hood and possibly the roof with something a bit more aggressive and a few other Carbon Fiber bits. Most likely will do the Dinan S2 package. So, for 15k I will have @ 440hp and 450tq, as well as some aggressive looks, upgraded suspension, better cooling/breathing, and the Mineral Grey I want.
-If i wait for CS, I may have it by May? September? So, for 10-20k over stock M2 It probably will have the aggressive look, 410 hp and +450tq, upgraded suspension, better cooling, but not the Mineral Grey i want.

Did i just talk myself into the 2018 LCI with Dinan S2 and carbon fiber parts? I am quite afraid of the dealership's part in all of this. I am not a long-time bmw buyer. I dont have a pedigree in my garage. While i am technically #1 at my dealership for CS, Will they sell to me as a first time BMW owner?() Will they sell one to me without a massive mark-up?(not likely) I would hate to pass up on the M2 in march, only to wait til May-Aug-October? to find out i have no chance at a CS.
Well do you have it in writing you will pay MSRP no less no more?
yes I do have it in writing but it was due to a competitor dealership offering the same vehicle at MSRP. So I'm guessing I would have to be able to show I could get CS at another dealership for MSRP... If that makes any sense.
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