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I have heard that it is much different now than it was even only five years ago, which is the last time I had the opportunity to drive some of the better roads and passes. Germany had so much road construction and 80 km/h zones on the autobahn that it didn't even seem the same. The A31 heading north from Essen was fairly clean and allowed some high speed runs w/out too much fuss. Ten years before that it seemed almost Un-restricted by comparison. We did almost all the Swiss passes, the Pyrenees, Verdon gorge, Black Forest, Dolomites, and too much else to remember.

Also, didn't mean to throw a dig at Texas, but my only good driving experience there has been in the SW portion of the state....some great terrain and beauty there heading south to Presidio and then east through Big Bend state and national areas....just don't go there in the summer!

Oh yeah, back to SLC....haven't spent much time there, but Utah is one of the most spectacular places on earth, period! If you ever get a chance you need to drive the road from Bryce to Capitol Reef through Escalante and Boulder. That road Rules!!!!