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How is Euro MDM same as Traction mode?

Traction mode = Comfort + MDM

I didn't see anything in the docs by BMW that the MDM in Traction mode is different than MDM in any other mode (except comfort which is full DTC)

When you code Euro MDM, it replaces regular MDM. So whenever MDM is enabled, it's now Euro MDM. Basically MDM is either on or not, and it is either Euro spec or US spec. Coding Euro MDM changes only the spec. However, there is still only one version of MDM available in the car at any given moment, regardless of driving mode, which only dictates if MDM (whichever spec you have) is on or off.

You can configure sport or sport+
I have both set to use MDM
So Euro (or whichever spec) MDM will still be on in those modes.
I've read on the M2 the Euro MDM actually noticeably allows more play before intervening, but without trying myself won't know for sure.