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Originally Posted by Franzino View Post
100% my thoughts and experience with driving a DCT/PDK/S-Tronic/DKG.... If the M2 was only available with DCT I would also bought it, but I bought the manual...because I could choose.

But.....and a big but! After driving my manual M2 for 1.500km I have come to the conclusion that the feel and travel lengt of the M2 clutch is the worst I have ever experienced in any BMW I have driven or any sporty car...and I have driven a lot of fast "manual" cars in my 20 years of driving. In my opinion the clutch is the biggest downside of the M2... There are other small downsides, but nothing this noticeable or worth complaining about.
Going to do the UCP clutch mod and hope for some improvement. NO don't mention the clutch stop fitting. That feature is only useful for the end of the clutch travel (when pushing down the clutch)... I have zero problem with that! My problem is with the beginning of the clutch (the last piece of clutch travel when the pedal is at his highest point and fully engaged or almost engaged).
Let us know what you think of the UCP. For me, it stiffened the pedal, shortened the throw and put the release point where I like it. It goes hand in hand with an SSK, as well, if you are so inclined...