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Originally Posted by tomwac View Post
A very sensible post, and I agree fully. I don't care what people say about manuals and like I mentioned, it will 99% be the DCT, I just want to experience what the hype is all about...unless Harris and the likes are right and it blows me away, with the info I have, I don't see myself getting the manual.
Please do share your experience when you drive the manual. I'm also on the fence where my heart wants a manual but having a racetrack nearby and no winding roads I'll probably spend most of my fun time there hence my mind tells me to go DCT. Also there are no manual M2/3/4s here in Poland to test, I've checked most of the dealers, local forum and even the used car market - nada No love for manuals in PL.
I'm a bit afraid to choose a manual (although it would be unique then in PL) while going to track. I'm not that experienced although I love to row the gears in Assetto Corsa where I practice with the 1M on Tor Poznan.
Artemis and Automann YT videos suggest that manual seems to crackle and pop a bit more with MPE than DCT which would also be a plus for me.

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