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Originally Posted by Viffermike View Post
Yes, 'quality' can be a subjective judgment. But there is not $700 (or $900ish, which is the option price of it in the U.S. on 2 Series cars other than the M2) worth of better componentry in the HK system, and there are numerous 2Addicts members who have upgraded the Hi-Fi system to sound significantly better than the HK system for less money than that. How do we know? We've listened to both, side by side.

Add to that growing evidence of a potential intermittent sub-failure issue on the 2 Series HK -- and not the Hi-Fi -- and well ... the consensus is that the Hi-Fi option is a better platform to upgrade than the HK.

The biggest weakness of both systems isn't the hardware at all -- it's the built-in DSP curve. It cuts lows and highs and slightly boosts mids, something that you can't flatten or eliminate unless you do one of three things:
1). Replace the amplifier
2). Install a DSP unit to offset the nascent DSP, or
3). Use a high-quality DMP through the analog Aux-In jack, which apparently (somehow) bypasses the nascent DSP.

The 2 Series audio has a ton of quirks, no matter what level you opt for. It's just not a very good system.

Thank you for the very informative post. Much appreciated

Learning the DSP limits the frequency response at both ends is very disappointing as well as the midrange boost. I can imagine how it must sound just by reading your description.
I wish there would be an easy way to add DSP into smartphones. At least you would be able to eliminate some issues in these type off situations.
Of course in this case it would not help if there is a filter function applied that cuts the lowest and highest frequencies.

I think I seriously need to rethink the H/K option after hearing all these negative things about how BMW and H/K has decided to cut the corners...