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Don't hold your breath, retrofitting new components into older models is not BMW's modus operandi.

Once your vehicle leaves the showroom and they collect their money, they're don't really care to make any changes unless it's mandated by a recall or warranty.

Why would they offer a retrofit anyways when they can use the new offering of AA as a tool to entice current owners into upgrading their vehicle.

I'm guessing since they projected to roll out Android Auto in 07/2021, it will coincide with the new model year, which would have a revised iDrive interface/harddrive to support AA.

Why are we assuming this is a hardware limitation?

The press release states that it's only going to be available on iDrive 7, of which I mentioned earlier only works in conjunction with a digital cluster.

As illustrated below, the 2020 G20 330i has only iDrive 6 available, if you don't opt for the digital cluster.

Since the M2C doesn't use a digital cluster, it's won't be able to run iDrive 7, which by extension, would not compatible with the new AA interface.

Also, historically, every new model year BMW typically releases a new iDrive iteration, possibly called iDrive 8.

So whatever new hardware and software is released would designed around supporting Android Auto.

IDrive 7 is radically different from iDrive 6, it's a completely different interface with a lot more functionality.
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