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OK so I installed the new version (HD core) VRSF 5in street IC and went and did some logs this weekend. 3-4 pulls on the remaining E26 in the tank & stg 2 E30 then filled up with 93 and drove thru that tank of gas then filled up again and did some stg 2 93 pulls. Unfortunately i accidentally deleted the 3,4,5 independent 93 pulls so just have the 3/4/5/6 shift pulls.
the pics in this thread.

Order of pics are:

outside temps were 82 deg
3rd, 4th, 5th, then a 3/4/5/6 shift

93 oct
outside temps were 93 deg
3/4/5 shift

Temp rise at end of pulls was

3rd +0, same as start
4th +13.5
5th +25.7
3/4/5/6 shifts +31.1

93 oct
3/4/5 shifts +31.1

So based on the temp data of the shifting logs either E26 or 93 oct the temp rise was the same +31.1 even though the outside air temps were 11 deg higher for the 93 oct pull and the starting IAT was 6deg higher the end result was the same. Also none of the pulls had any registered knock
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