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Bimmer Masterpieces Alcantara Case Install

This week, I received my Alcantara Case from BM!

This case is designed specifically for the F22/F87 vehicles and is offered in both Alcantara or Leather.

The case fits over the instrument cluster, taking inspiration from the unique casing on the BMW 1M instrument cluster.

I purchased the 'CS' model as I prefer less stitching compared to the GTS model. That said, if the CS wasn't in stock I would have bought the GTS instead, it's a great case!

I took my time on this taking photos to help others with their install - lets do this!

Delivery is quick, within 3 days from order it's here!


1. I decided to mask off the edges on the underside where the alcantara cloth is glued to the plastic mould.

I did this just incase the glue softens (on a hot day) and makes contact with the dash - this step isn't mandatory but I have OCD.

2. With masking out the way I noticed the top layer was 'flat' compared to the other areas. I assume this is because in transit the box may have been upside down, flattening the fibers .. not a problem, I can fix it!

3. Using the crevice tool on my hoover I sweep over the top layer a few times. The idea is to encourage the fibres to stand up again...and as you can see it did the trick - wow!


** always follow BM install sheet - use my instructions as a supplement!

1. Using a Torx (star) 20 bit, unscrew both bolts on the instrument cluster tab.

2. Now tug forward on the instrument cluster, and allow it to rotate towards you.

3. You can leave it in this position for now, no need to pull it right out.

4. Now slide the casing directly onto the dashboard head - it should fit easily (snug).

5. If you find the rear part of the casing (nearest to windscreen heater) is not sitting down properly do the following:

+ Apply pressure using one hand on the front as shown
+ With your other hand keep tapping the rear part of the case until it is properly seated (you'll know by feel).

6. Now reinstall the instrument cluster

7. Before admiring your work, comb/hoover (if alcantara) the casing as you'll have hand marks from the install.

8. Done!

A big thanks to Bimmer Masterpieces, the casing is excellent!

The fitment is great and looks OE - I love it!

If you're interested in purchasing one check out the thread here for possible group buy:

or here

That's all for now, here are some recent pics of my M2...

Appreciate 16