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Originally Posted by metrickid View Post
I find it hard to believe that the 2er won't get LEDs up front when the 1er got it and the 2er GT has it.
I can only tell the point of view of November 2015. Maybe that will change in the future.

But let me explain something: Years ago it was a plan of BMW to bring the 1M Coupe with halogen headlights and not with Xenonlights as standart equipment, because they wanted to reduce the price under the magic line of 50.000 Euro. So the nearly ready 1M with the halogen lights came to the acceptance test (TÜV) and failed. Why? Because the parking lights of the halogen headlight where to much inwards (because of the wider fenders the 1M got compared to the stock E82) and so BMW had to put the Xenons in as standart equipment (the parking lights are more external because of the "angel eye design") and the price raised up to 50.500 Euro (later 51.500) Euro.

As you can see, BMW never planned to mount the newest lighting technology in the stock 1M. Maybe it will now be the same with the M2 and LED will come as optional equipment.