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Exclamation 2016 BMW M2 (F87) Spotted on Nurburgring and Streets!! (VIDEO added)

First 2016 BMW M2 (F87) Prototype Spotted!!

Updated May 20, 2014:

First sighting of M2 prototype has now been spotted on the Nurburgring! Photos and video added.

Original Post - May 8, 2014:

We're excited to show you photos of the first BMW M2 (F87) prototype spotted! How do we know this is the M2?

• We've recently confirmed that the M2 is coming at the end of 2015 - early 2016 so the timing of this prototype makes sense.
• Flared fenders and wider track.
• M3/M4 (19" Style 437M) wheels fitted for testing purposes. Even with these wider wheels, they are still tucked under the widened fenders.
• Same blue steel brakes as M3/M4, with positioning the same as the M3/M4 (different than the M235i and M235i Racing).
• Drilled rotors like M3/M4 (M235i is not drilled/slotted and M235i Racing (M Performance Brakes) are drilled and slotted).
• M limited slip differential (LSD) seen on prototype.

Obviously, we do not yet see the M2 bodywork (except for flared fenders) nor quad tail pipes as this is still a very early stage test mule, but if you recall, the early 1M prototypes (spy pics) also did not have these elements early on. This prototype is only testing drivetrain and mechanicals

As development progresses, we should start to see the other M2 cosmetic elements added - special front and rear bumpers, side skirts, quad tail pipes and potentially a different hood, mirrors and/or trunk spoiler.

The M2 will begin production in late Fall 2015, for deliveries in late 2015 - early 2016. It will feature the N55 turbo inline 6 engine (N55B30T0), producing around 370-380 PS (365-375 HP).

BMW M2 Testing on Nurburgring

BMW M2 Prototype