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Originally Posted by cheshirecat79 View Post
You were just wrong, no big deal.

It'll be interesting to see what they put in the M2.
If we really want to be pedantic about it, where did the N55 come from?

Originally Posted by IEDEI View Post
on one hand you say N/A engines are the best......then the single turbo N55 which behaves MORE like an N/A engine you call 'gimped'....which it is actually not, unless one modifies stuff. Then you call the S55 the same as the N54, whicp it is's actually a lot more like the N55.

come on, man! you've gotta get your story straight
For my interests and application, NA is definitely best. Not sure why you think the engine with more lag is more NA like.

The S55 N54 comment was in reference to the twin turbo setup, which is almost always more exploitable for power.